The UK's united voice for copyright, brands, trade marks and designs.
Providing a single voice for those who share an interest in
promoting innovation and growth through intellectual property in the UK

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About the Alliance

Established in 1998, the Alliance for Intellectual Property (IP) represents trade associations across the creative, branded and design industries concerned with ensuring that IP rights are valued in the UK and that a legislative regime exists which enables the value and contribution of these rights to be fully realised. Our members include representatives of the audiovisual, music, games and business software, and sports industries, branded manufactured goods, publishers, retailers and designers. Read more arrow


The Alliance is campaigning on a number of issues to promote the importance of IP to the creative and branded industries.Read more arrow


The Alliance works to influence policy developments on behalf of its members via responses to consultation documents. Read more arrow


The Alliance is an umbrella organisation of UK trade associations across creative, design and branded industries. Read more arrow

IP Map

Intellectual Property is central to creative and innovative industries across the UK. Click the map to see some of the businesses that depend on IP for their revenue, jobs and growth. IP Map

Latest News

The Alliance for Intellectual Property launches its manifesto 'The UK in 2020: A vision for growth in IP-rich businesses'

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New research shows that people are not confident in spotting illegal websites.

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The Alliance for Intellectual Property is pleased to announce the appointment of Eddy Leviten as its new Director General.

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Campaigns & Issues

IP makes a difference to businesses across the UK. You can find out more on our IP Map.

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Reports & Publications

Read the latest news from the Alliance.

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